New Heartthrob Alert!


Noah Centineo who? Move aside KJ Apa, there is a new guy in town and his name is Hero Fiennes-Tiffin!

Landing his first big role in the feature film After, Hero has also stolen women’s hearts across the world. He plays the dark and brooding Hardin Scott and what girl can resist a bad boy? Not me. In this film, he portrays a young British student in America who has a dark and mysterious past that has left him tough and angry at everyone. Though things change and he seems to warm up to incoming freshman, Tessa Young, the female protagonist and his friend’s new roommate. Fans fell in love with his charm, smirks and ability to recite lines from classic novels like Wuthering Heights.

Hero is 21 years old, he’s British, and he’s 6’2, need I go on?

He made his acting debut when he was 11 years old starring as the young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter. Fun fact- his uncle, Ralph Fiennes, played Lord Voldemort.

He then went on to pursue a modeling career (obviously) and signed with Storm Management. He’s walked for Dolce & Gabbana during Fashion Week in 2018 and started filming After shortly after that. With the movie release earlier this month, Hero has captured audiences around the world. He gained so much attention that he has already landed his next movie role in the upcoming thriller, The Silencing. He’ll play the main character’s troubled younger brother, Brooks. So, keep your eyes out for that one.

Coincidently, all his roles so far have been either dark and brooding, troubled, or a young villain in the making. When asked about this, Hero said he likes playing characters that are so different from him and that it’s exciting to act out, something I’m sure he’s never done. From what I've seen in interviews and read from people who’ve worked with him, Hero seems like the perfect candidate for my new celebrity crush. All praises from all around, he’s been described as a very talented actor and a perfect gentleman, it’s a yes from me.

He’s a new, fresh face in Hollywood and already has quite the following on social media with over 1 million followers on Instagram (@hero_ft). His career is just getting started, so go see After if you haven’t already, follow him on Instagram, and catch up with his interviews on YouTube because this boy is here to stay!