My Apology to Donald Trump

The other night, I was sitting in my room and reading the news and a meme about Trump popped up on my feed and I laughed. This was nothing new for me, I see jokes and laugh and even make my own about him from time to time. This time though, I felt convicted. I remembered a Bible verse that I had read earlier about the power of the tongue. 

Our tongue and words are more powerful than we think, and we can either use that power for good or for bad. Well since Trump was elected, I have been using the power of my tongue to speak nothing but death over him. I heard about this experiment done on two plants. For about 2 weeks, one plant was told "you are ugly, you're never gonna grow, you're stupid, etc." The other plant was told things like "you are beautiful, you are strong, you are going to be a beautiful plant." Can you guess which one flourished? The first plant died, but the second grew to be tall and beautiful. I feel as though I've been treating Trump as the first plant. I've been saying "Trump what are you doing with my country, you are so evil for not caring about innocent people, you have no idea what you are doing." Like the plant, if I continue to speak death over Trump like I have been, he will most likely prove me right and fail our country and who knows what else. Trump is the President of the United States whether I like it or not. He is our leader and I want him to be successful because if not that could be dangerous for the rest of us. 

With all of that being said, I'm putting my pride and beliefs aside and apologizing to you President Trump, for not giving you a chance to prove me wrong. I pray that God would change your heart to follow His plan for our country and guide our country back to Him. I pray that He leads you every step of the way and that you would be mindful of every single soul on this earth, not just in the United States. I am here to give you a second chance and I hope that you do prove me and everyone else wrong. Good luck President Trump, and God bless you.