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Jason Sudeikis hosted SNL on October 23, 2021, and his hilarious presence did not disappoint!

The SNL alum, who has made numerous cameos since his departure from the show in 2013, started off his participation on the episode by playing a past Vice President Joe Biden conversing with present-day President Joe Biden. The jokes of this opening skit entailed mentions of past presidents, current politics, and a brief interruption by a “March 2021 Joe Biden.” 

Sudeikis’ monologue started strong with a joke about it being his first and last time hosting the show. He went on to recap his life after the show, mentioning his children and his most recent project, an Apple TV show called “Ted Lasso.” His monologue took a bit of a spin when he started reminiscing and celebrating the iconic nature of Saturday Night Live. He talked about the great comedians that have made us laugh for decades on SNL and beyond, mentioning Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy, and Tina Fey. He went on to describe how the show changed his life twice,  when he was a writer/cast member but most importantly when he was a kid watching the show at home. In true SNL fashion, the sentimental monologue ended with a witty joke and forwarded to the second sketch of the night. 

A sketch entitled “Science Room” begins and features Sudeikis as a teacher teaching two kids about gravity. The jokes come from a collection of the kids’ (played by Cecily Strong and Mikey Day) quirky movements and witty comments all while Sudeikis is trying to keep his cool. The next hilarious sketch presented a new talk show specifically for men titled “Mellen.” The play on the talk show “Ellen” featured comical cooking segments and an interesting guest list/ “sneak up surprises” for guests. The show slides into the next sketch with a screen titled “Annie.” Sudeikis’ character in this sketch is named “Ricky”, a suspicious worker at the mansion who funnily explains his role as the sketch goes on. 

That’s just the beginning of the hilarious episode! Jason Sudeikis alongside the current SNL cast presented amazingly funny sketches all night. The original showing of the episode was live, however, you can stream it anytime on Peacock! 

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