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It’s Never Too Late To Graduate!: A 25 Year-Old’s Perspective

For a long time now, college has always been encouraged to students of all ages. It is known as the time to be alive for some and a must for anyone who was fortunate enough to get full ride on scholarships, or financial aid. However there are things that get in the way which slow down the drive to graduation.

Life happens: you meet the love of your life and decide to get married, (hey that’s ok!) or you lose a loved one and it simply becomes hard to put an effort into anything worthwhile. For me, the bump on the road has been working full-time most of my college career. At first it started as something temporary just to help make ends meet at home. But after my father hit depression, working while going to college became a permanent duty.

The lack of a moral support system truly affected me when it came to academics. My father was always pushing me to just get a job and start making money. He couldn’t understand how important it was to me. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if he was even proud of me for being in college. I didn’t have the heart to tell my dad that he was, in a way slowing me down, so i just did my best to suck it up and maintain two responsibilities. I did have to take a year off when my family’s finances were at their worst. I also had to limit myself to two classes per semester.

Before I knew it, my former classmates from high school were getting their bachelor’s in 2016. And I started to feel ashamed of myself for barely graduating with my associate’s degree that year.  But things happen for a reason. 

If I had graduated in 2016 with my bachelor’s, I wouldn’t have been able to experience school at UTSA.

I wouldn’t have been able to reconnect with my mom.

I wouldn’t have met my amazing church family that I know now.

I wouldn’t have had the time to find myself and discover what I really want to do with my life.

Most importantly, I would’ve probably settled for my first major, which would’ve landed me a job I despise. So no matter where you are at, always remember that there’s a reason to the season. Learn to be proud of how far you’ve come and give yourself credit! You do make a difference.

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