I'm Sorry, but Chuck E. Cheese Has Some MAJOR Explaining to Do

Upon the release of Shane Dawson’s highly-anticipated second conspiracy video, Dawson uncovered a lot of revealing (and rather unsettling) theories that will leave you questioning your entire existence. One of the more chilling theories he discussed this time, however, isn’t about a shady government agenda or life being one big simulation—it's about pizza.


Whenever I think of Chuck E. Cheese, intense childhood memories flood back of eating pizza and sprinting through the restaurant with tickets bulging out of my jean pockets. In my six year old mind, there was NEVER a bad time for Chuck E. Cheese, especially their pizza.


Fast forward 13 years later, Chuck E. Cheese has since become nothing more than a distant memory. However, after watching Shane’s video, I was SHOOK to say the least. Unlike Shane, I never once questioned the quality or shape of the pizza. As a kid, I LOVED the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese, the only immediate thought I had in my mind when I saw the pizza was to EAT IT.


Thinking about it now, I cannot be more disgusted and disturbed at the alleged theory of Chuck E. Cheese recycling their pizzas. Yep, you heard it right—apparently, Chuck E. Cheese has recently been under fire for a claim that the workers take leftover pizza slices, basically “recycle” the slices into new pizzas and reheat them to make it look new.



Now, I know it’s just a conspiracy theory, but come on y’all. Even when you type “Chuck E. Cheese pizza” into the Google Images search box, you don’t get pictures of high-quality, fresh-looking pizzas. A majority of the images show dry, misshapen pies of sadness. Just look at this mess y’all:


Image (from Shane’s video):


This conspiracy has caused such a frenzy that even Buzzfeed got in on it—video producer Eric Tabach recently came out with a video debunking the myth. Similar to Shane, Eric went to a local chain to test the conspiracy. He even met with a representative at 9 a.m. to discuss the accusations and show the pizza-making process from scratch. The thing is, when they showed the final result of the pizza, it looked fresh and perfect—NOTHING like the images that pop up when you look up their pizzas. The video, released on the 15th of February, has since made over 1 million views but also generated over 40,000 dislikes. Yikes.


Chuck E. Cheese has since released a statement denying claims that they recycle their pizza, but the hundreds of images that pop up on the Internet of their oddly shaped pizzas tell a different story. Let’s also not forget that Shane Dawson spent three hours in a busy Chuck. E Cheese full of loud, hyper kids and interviewed employees about the claims, and they weren’t even giving clear answers. Chuck E. Cheese can deny all they want, but the images don’t lie.