How I Saved My Skin

I have never been to a dermatologist before in my entire life, until by the grace of God my Mom decided it was time. Why did she wait 18 years to take me? Who knows.

Recently I have been officially diagnosed with Rosacea, which is redness that can form anywhere on the body that is caused by inflammation under the skin. I have had this problem for years. It has always bothered me, but I tended to leave it alone.

NOT ANYMORE --  It is time for my skin to shine!

I have always been one to follow Youtubers and their skincare routines. I love DIY face masks and body scrubs, I even tried vegan products! I have tried everything in the book for my skin… or so I thought.

My dermatologist is an amazing woman, and she kindly told me I was doing everything wrong. She asked me the scariest question in the world, ”What is your skincare routine Gillian?”

I felt like I swallowed a moving bug, and I couldn't hack it up!  I sat there just thinking to myself, “What on earth IS my skincare routine?” I thought about the top three products I had ready-to-use in the shower. I say the top three, because there was WAY more than three products in there.

Here were the TOP THREE products that RUINED my skin:

  • St.Ives Apricot Scrub - made out of the seed of apricots, left microscopic splinters in my skin

  • Tea Tree Oil - not meant for acne, used for dermatitis… unfortunately does not come with instructions

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash - made my skin EXTREMELY DRY and IRRITATED

After naming these products she looked at me with horror! I screamed and laughed, asking her what I have done wrong. All she could say was, “EVERYTHING?” I honestly could not stop laughing, but that is besides the point. The point is she fixed my skin for under $10.

Yes, you read that right, TEN DOLLARS!

Here are the THREE products that saved MY skin:

  • SALT



Here’s how to use these magical products. I use salt as a natural scrub whenever I feel like my skin is dirty. I use it along with Dove Bar Soap or Cetaphil (those are the only two soaps that touch my skin). You can also use it by itself. Sugar is used for a natural scrub as well, but I only use it when I need a refresher. These products only cost me FOUR dollars.

Lastly, Witch Hazel, the natural cleansing astringent. This product evens out your skin, controls your acne, minimizes your pores, and makes you feels refreshed. Witch Hazel  is the most amazing product on this planet. It only costs around TWO dollars at HEB.

My skin has been saved, and my wallet has been full. I have never felt more excited to show my natural looks. As a general disclaimer, I would just like to say that everyone's skin is different, so always proceed with caution. Good luck on your skin journey!


Links to the products I use: