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How to Create a Mood Board

With the start of the new year, everyone’s talking about goals and manifestations for the next 12 months. A really easy way to visualize and manifest these goals or “resolutions” is to make a mood board! Mood boards consist of images, sayings, and really whatever you want. It’s essentially a way to visualize all the things you want to accomplish or remind yourself over the year and can be as abstract or specific as you like. With that said, I’m gonna walk you through the basics of making a mood board, so you’re ready to take on this new year.

Decide What Form You Want Your Mood Board to Be

The most common form is a poster board you can pick up in any color or size at a local craft store. These are generally pretty cheap, and you can hang them somewhere in your room or apartment, so you see them every day. An alternative if you’re a bit lazier is to just make it digital! Some people prefer just using a Pinterest board (although I wouldn’t really recommend it because it’s easier to forget about) or a simple editing app where you can add whatever photos and quotes you like.

Make a List of Your Goals

This is where you decide how specific you want to be. Maybe one of my goals is to save money this year. Do I want to put a monetary value on that goal? It’s up to you! You also get to decide how that goal is going to show up on your board. Maybe a picture of cash, a quote about finances, or whatever will remind you of that specific goal when you look at the board altogether. You’ll do this for every goal you decide to make, however many goals you want!

Find Your Content

For this step, I would highly recommend Pinterest! Especially if you’re looking for that aesthetic look. You could make a board to collect all your images and quotes, so you’re able to look at them and see how you like them before printing them out or saving them. Like I said before, your board can have whatever you decide. For example, maybe you only have three goals, which don’t seem like enough to fill a whole board. If that’s the case, don’t forget you can also add any photos that you think look nice or make the board more cohesive.

Putting it All Together

If you have a physical board, you’d obviously need to print the photos out or cut them out of whatever magazine, but if you choose to go digital, make sure you find a photo editing app that can do all the things you’re envisioning!

Placement and Putting It to Use

The last thing to do is to put your vision board on display! I’ve seen some people who just hang the poster board in their room or even frame it to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and polished. If you’re going digital, I recommend making it your laptop or phone background. The point is to see it every day and be reminded of your goals and what you’re working toward! If you’ve ever heard of manifestation, it has a very similar concept where you’re essentially trying to attract the energies you want by thinking about them and giving yourself positive affirmations.

I hope this quick guide helped you visualize and accomplish your goals ~in the most aesthetic way~.

Miranda is a senior at UTSA finishing her degree in Creative Writing. She is the Campus Correspondent for UTSA's chapter of Her Campus as well as being a member of Phi Mu. When she's not writing, Miranda can be found taking pictures that match her insta aesthetic, working out, or looking up her friends' astrology charts. Lots of aries energy over here.
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