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The Horrors of UTSA Parking

Every UTSA student knows the daily struggle of finding a parking spot on campus. As a freshman living on campus, we find ourselves circling Resident Lot 2 countless times trying to find a single parking spot just so we don’t have to park at the lots far away from our dorm. On the other hand, students who live off campus have a hard time finding one near their building. This has been the number one complaint from students at UTSA year after year. Luckily, the student government has discussed the possibility of creating more parking on campus! Perhaps more garages? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!


Tips for finding a good parking spot:


1. Look for a spot during the weekend (Most people have gone home or are simply out and about).

2. If you live off campus, come to school earlier than your class starts (You can always take a nap in your car or get some Starbucks).

3. Start from the front of the lot and work your way to the back! People leave campus constantly so the odds of finding a spot increase!

4. If you see people walking towards the parking lot to their car, offer them a ride and take their spot!

5. There are outside lots that offer shuttles directly to buildings. 

6. People who live at off-campus student housing should utilize the shuttleservice to and from school


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