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High Heels — RED DRESS! | Jonas Brothers Concert Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

Imagine getting a call driving home from the grocery store from your sister who tells you, “Get dressed because I got us box seat tickets to the Jonas Brothers’ concert tonight, I’m coming to get you in an hour!” 

An hour warning was not enough time to get myself together mentally for the chance to finally see my childhood heartthrobs! I grew up listening to the Jonas Brothers, watching the show Jonas, and wishing I was Demi Lovato in Camp Rock. The amount of adrenaline that was going through my body had me anticipating what it would be like to hear Nick sing,


Sitting in the AT&T center and listening to the two opening acts felt like time wasted. Any time that was not spent hearing the Jonas Brother’s sing was time wasted. When those lights went dim at about 9:30 pm in that arena, everyone just knew it was that time for their childhood dreams to be fulfilled. The second that fog clouded the stage and three blurry figures appeared on a moving platform marked the moment of history being re-made. 

I could go on and on about every song, the amount of hair flips that were missed from Joe, but that would turn into an entire book. The highlight of the night would have to be, the Jo Bro’s playing snippets of every old song for what they referred to as, “these are for the OG fans.” Another treat of the night was hearing Nick and Joe sing their own songs, Jealous and Cake by the Ocean

The Jonas Brothers have made an amazing comeback since announcing they were back together in February. This concert will forever go down in history as the remake being better than the original. 

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