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With the mid-semester slump sinking in, many students look for ways to improve their organization and time-management skills for future semesters. To those looking to up their “I got this!” game, look no further than bullet journaling! I began bullet journaling in high school, and I feel like, over the years, I have learned what works—and what doesn’t—in terms of what I need in a planner. Here are a few tips I have for someone looking to pick up bullet journaling!

Organize Month by Month

When I first started bullet journaling, I tried to channel the energy of my ultimate studying inspo Oh No Nina and complete the entire year’s spread in one go. While it may sound like the ideal route for a beginner, I should have planned month to month for a beginner to learn what I needed to modify or add each month.

Color-coded Calendar Spread

To help with time management and stay on top of deadlines, I have found color-coding my deadlines on my calendar spread extremely helpful! Each month I like to pick a color scheme that matches the season as my colors represent my classes. This has been very beneficial as it creates a clear representation of my goals for the week, and I highly recommend including an organized calendar spread to any student getting into bullet journaling!

Weekly To-Do’s

I tend to get lost in the weekly blunder of assignments, so creating weekly spreads has really helped organize my scatterbrain! It also helps to add a daily “due” checklist to help manage progress in assignments. I tend to keep this section simple but with a very organized system of task listing. 

Beauty in Simplicity

Despite a lot of the elaborate bullet journal ideas on Pinterest, sometimes a more minimalistic approach is the way to go. There is beauty in a concise, organized bullet journal as they can be easier to manage when planning spreads. It all depends on your needs.

Make it YOURS

Regardless of what tips or tricks you take, make sure you enjoy what you’re making! If you enjoy the process of creating your journal, you’re more likely to use it every day. Work hard to make it yours, and it’ll feel so much more worth it. Customize your bullet journal so that it has both what you need and what you personally enjoy aesthetically.

It may seem daunting at first, but bullet journaling will become a helpful tool that you tailor to fit your unique organizational needs over time. Bullet journaling has helped me better myself in academics and time management, and I can see myself continuing this helpful habit for years to come.

Lover of fashion, writing, and iced Americanos! Currently studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.
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