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What is grit?

What does it stand for?

… Better yet, what do you stand for, who do you stand for?


In a TED talk, GRIT can be described with passion, stamina, or simply working hard.


It is NOT always about standardized tests or incomes.

It is about how you grow from your past.


I will not type about my past now because I can represent Changing Old Ways To New.

During this unusual time for us now, we are faced with this sense of common understanding of not knowing.

I have not met a single person that knows 100% of the common things I have seen growing up.

Internships, Corps, Schools, States, Countries, etc.…


I believe we should each continue to make positive differences in our everyday lives.


Cynthia Peña-Baker

UTSA 22'' Mathematics DXN ----------- family hope friends. I used to ask myself who am I?  Why do I?    (And then I found a paper,     pencil and started typing ); ********