@Glitz by S.A.M

Who here loves affordable and cute things? That should not even be a question because those are two things we should all love! One of my best friends recently started a cute new business that sells things from jewelry to many types of accessories. The name of her business is called ‘Glitz by S.A.M’ with those letters being pronounced separately because those are her initials. The name behind those initials is Stephanie Amber Mendoza.

Not to sound biased but this business of hers is totally cute! It is fairly new and has been thriving. Yes, it’s a small business but we love and support small businesses here! There’s a saying somewhere out there that goes, “a little goes a long way.” Big or little, everything still matters. I got the chance to ask Stephanie, or as I know her, Stepha, why she decided to create a business in the first place. Her response being:

“To pay for college expenses and to get out of my comfort zone, try something new, and make girls feel confident and beautiful in my affordable accessories.”

I am a witness to feeling beautiful in her accessories and don’t worry you can too. Stepha did something brave by creating this business because she stepped out of her comfort zone. It is scary yet exciting to get out of our comfort zones. Glitz by S.A.M is a great example of a comfort zone being breached. Now, let’s get to the fun part… some of the items that are sold!

  • Earrings

    • She has a cute variety from studs, to tassels, to hoops whatever your outfit agrees with

  • Necklaces

    • To name a personal favorite, she had an adorable silver or gold choker with stars—perfect for layering on top of other necklaces

  • Scrunchies

    • My personal favorite of hers because she has some regular-sized, long-tailed, and jumbo ones

  • Keychain bracelets

    • Don’t want to lose your keys?? This keychain is for you then

In today’s world, we have to support one another, especially during world pandemics. I just wanted to share some love towards Stephanie Mendoza and her business and I hope you all will take a peek into the glitz! If you would like to give her a like on Facebook and a follow on Instagram: glitzbys.a.m