Embroidery: Adventures of a 20-Year-Old Grandma

French horn, drawing, writing, violin (don’t want to talk about that one…) I have had many hobbies, some that have been given up on and left behind, and some that I keep on and off to this day. Lately I have a new one: embroidery. I don’t really have some significant journey that has brought me to this stage of my life. I want to instead use this as an opportunity to pay tribute to the phrase “practice makes perfect.” I’m still in the beginning stages of embroidery, but the amount that I’ve improved in the time since I’ve picked up the hobby really makes me proud!

My first hoop I made was a skyline for my boyfriend as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.

I then made a hoop of one of my favorite Simpsons episodes (a show I’ve watching since I was a kid).

I am super proud of this next one!

I tried my hand at charms, didn’t work out too well the first time…

...but not too shabby the next! (this one is for my friend, Anne.)

I have lots of project ideas for the future and can’t wait to watch myself improve!