Is The Dr Pepper Shake From Whataburger Worth The Hype?

Earlier last week, Whataburger announced the arrival of the Dr Pepper Shake. It’s only available for a limited time, but it seems like an accurate representation of Texas in beverage form.

The reviews online were black and white. You either hated it, or you loved it.

I decided to try the drink myself, since I AM a lifelong Dr Pepper consumer, Dr Pepper brand ambassador, and Whataburger lover.

So is it worth the hype?

Here are my thoughts:

First of all, It had the strong spicy Dr Pepper smell that I love, so that’s a plus! It tasted amazing, but it was difficult to find the words to describe it -- so I’ll try my best.

The best way I can describe the taste is like this, think of a Dr Pepper ice cream float, minus the ice cream.

The bottom line is -- it’s absolutely amazing, totally worth the hype, and you should go try it ASAP.

Unless your Whataburger is not participating, then I’m sorry… make yourself a Dr Pepper float and be happy.