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Clutch is Not a College Term

Before college, my friends and I always shared notes, homework, and even supplies. We never left a sister hanging (I attended an all-girls school.) It was a fact that school was tough, and there was no way we would be able to graduate on our own. I expected that in college, it would be just like what I’m used to. I was completely wrong, like I always am.

I remember my freshman year, I decided to take an Environmental Science class because it seemed interesting. That it was, until I had overslept and accidently skipped class. I was panicking, what was I going to do. My life was over and I barely talked to anyone there. Then, I remembered my saving grace, GroupMe. Even though I had no idea how I was added to it, I messaged my classmates as fast I could. Well, guess what, no one responded. I went into class the next day and gave them the dirtiest look my face could express. I was pissed, I knew for a fact they saw my message. All I knew was that if anyone ever asked for help or notes they missed I am, in fact, leaving them on read. 

In college, I have learned that it really is every man/woman for themselves.

How horrible is that? Is that a way to prepare us for the real world?

I mean, cut me some slack here. Here’s the worst part, even if you made friends in class half of the time, they will NEVER be able to help you. More than likely, they are just as lost as you are. Of course, make alliances and connections that will benefit you in the future, but they sure as hell won’t benefit you now. 

Make a note of this: everyone in college is a clown. College is the ROAD to adulting. No one is actually mature yet and if they seem like they are… they must live by the “fake it till you make it” motto. Don’t believe what you see because more than likely you are not the only one that’s lost. 

The moral of this article, is to rely on NO ONE to give you the notes whenever you decide to skip class or don’t understand an assignment. Please don’t skip class and please do your homework. All the hard work you are doing now WILL pay off just keep going. Remember to keep in mind that professors do really want you to succeed but they will only help you so much. Do you and get your shit done.

A semi-funny and an outgoing gal that hopes to work for Refinery29 one day! Enjoys rollerskating and music. Believes that every opinion matters. Is an amateur writer for UTSA Her Campus.      
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