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Amazon Accessories That You Need For Your Car Like, ASAP

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This holiday season is the perfect time to add these items to your wish list.

  1. Car Seat Gap: a filler to stop crumbs and random things from slipping into the cracks. A good brand is Drop Stop.
  2. Interior lights: creates different vibes in the car. A good brand is KORJO.
  3. Cleaning gel putty: gets the dust off all the inside. A good brand is TICARVE.
  4. Car trash can: all random trash can be in one spot. It attaches to seat, so not in the way of anything. A good brand is Fancrout.
  5. Car phone holder: makes using your phone for directions hands free. A good brand is VICSEED.
  6. Car hook: holds bags and hoodies and attaches to the seat! A good brand is Amooca.
  7. Portable car vaccume: cordless and can be used on the go! A good brand is Baseus.
  8. Steering wheel tray: for when you’re stationary and need to get work done or eat some food, you have that accessible to you! A good brand is EcoNour.
  9. Leather seat covers: For a newer, slick look. A good brand is Red Rain.

These accessories are guaranteed to spice things up!

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