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So, say you’re Netflix and Chilling by yourself all day and you’ve come to the end of all your favorite shows and now you don’t know what to watch so you’re just aimlessly flipping through all the movies and falling into the Netflix vortex. Well fear not, I’m here to list the best things to watch on Netflix.

Friends from College: TV Show

This is an underrated gem, okay? It is extremely funny and super relatable. This show centers around a group of friends who reconnect in New York City after college, hence the name. Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Fred Savage as the fabulous duo to tackle the Young Adult genre as an amateur writer and book editor. These friends make adulting look like weekend trips to the vineyards and school plays are a lot of fun!

Meteor Garden: TV Show

This is a Chinese rom-com with subtitles. Watch, read, and learn a new language all in 45 minutes. This show is about a young girl who gets into her dream college only to bump into the elite and scary group F4. This group is made up of the top 4 most achieved, most handsome boys at school. The girl finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with two of the members, one bad boy and the other the soft and sweet boy. We love clichés, don’t we?! Although, this show is very original and very well developed. It has one season but 49 episodes that are each 45 minutes long! Plenty of material to watch and keep you busy for a few weeks.

Someone Great: Movie

Grab your tissues ladies because this is a teary one. After being in a relationship for 9 years, Jenny is newly single and ready for one last good night on the town with her two best friends in New York City. I thought this was going to be a funny, feel-good movie about love and friendship and it was but it also hit me hard right in the heart with the impactful reality surrounding break-ups. It was about loving yourself first and letting go even when it hurts to chase your dreams and doing what is right for you. Grab your girl squad and watch this movie now!!

The Perfect Date: Movie

Ugh, I love Noah Centineo, don’t you? In this movie, he starts an app called The Perfect Date where girls can go and order a date for any occasion and customize the type of guy she wants to go on a date with. Why didn’t I think of that idea for an app first?! He can be your salsa partner, a perfect gentleman, a douche, a listener, anything really. Until he loses himself in being all these personalities that he doesn’t know who he is anymore. Only one lucky girl can show him the way back to his heart. This is the cheesy, rom-com you’ve been waiting for.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: TV Show

Do y’all remember that sweet show from the 90’s where Sabrina talked to her cat and did her homework while trying to be a normal teenager in high school with abnormal aunts? Yeah well, throw out everything you thought you knew about Sabrina Spellman because the witch is back and scarier than ever! I had to pray every night after watching this show because there was A LOT of Satan-worshipping going on. This show is the re-telling of the story of Sabrina Spellman, a teenage witch but much darker than before. By day she attends high school with her sweet mortal boyfriend, Harvey and by night she’s performing rituals with the evil sisters. The biggest character development goes to Sabrina and you don’t want to miss it!

Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Movie

This movie is definitely something from the future! There isn’t anything else like it. It’s an inner active movie that lets you decide what the characters do while you’re watching it. So grab your remote and put on your decision hat. This story centers around a young boy who is given the opportunity to create the best video game the world has ever seen. It’s so complex and has so many loopholes that it drives the creator mad! He starts to feel like he’s being watched and controlled by something or someone (YOU). I’ve “played” this Bandersnatch movie so many times I’ve lost count just trying to see the many different ways the movie could have gone down. You’ll never have as much fun watching a movie as you will with this one!

Sex Education: TV Show

Who doesn’t love British accents, am I right? This show is set somewhere in the UK because everyone has an accent and the lingo and style are always so interesting and fun for me to watch. The main character, Otis, is a quiet student with an even quieter secret- his mom is a sex therapist. When the secret gets out, bad girl Maeve recruits Otis to start giving out sex therapy of his own for money. With his gay best friend, Eric, by his side the two get into trouble, encounter some strange people, and attend wild parties. This show is hilarious and surprisingly heart-warming. Definitely recommend!

Netflix is full of hidden gems and underrated classics, you just have to know where to start looking! Happy Hunting!!

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