Be Who You Need As A Child

To Whoever Needs to Hear This,

Be who you needed when you were younger━as a child, as an innocent. Maybe that means being someone who’s understanding and has a listening ear. Or, maybe that’s someone who is bold and assertive.


We spend so much of our time trying to mold others into what we want them to be and into the person we always seem to be searching for in our lives. You see, if you would turn your search inward, you’d realize that you don’t have to look very far. Some may look at this as trying to reach your “higher self” while others may simply see it as putting your best foot forward. So to go forward, sometimes it’s best to look back━back to your purest form when you were the most vulnerable.


If little you were here now, would what you’re doing be helpful, be inspiring, be supportive or motivating? Would little you be proud? Would little you have faith that her troubles will be worth it as long as she can get to where you are today?


Keep in mind that her dreams were once your dreams. Are you working towards making those dreams come true? Did those dreams change? Would you be able to explain to little you when, and why, those dreams changed?


My point is that you should be someone that you are proud of. You should be someone that your younger self would write about on one of those, “who do you look up to the most,” or “who’s your biggest inspiration,” essay questions on a standardized test.


Growing up I honestly didn’t have anyone that I really looked up to, confided in, or even felt that I related to. I was constantly searching for someone that was understanding, that cared about the effect they had on those around them, that had an endless curiosity about the world, and that was open-minded and could see things from perspectives other than their own. I now understand that I’m never going to find this person, not completely because something is always going to be missing or not quite right for what I’m looking for. Today I realize that who I was looking for was me.


So you can stop searching, and start showing up━showing up as who you needed when you were younger, as who you need now even.