8 Secrets to Lifelong Youth as Told by My 90 Year Old Grandma

Fun fact: My grandma just turned 90 years old, yet I’ve been told many times that my grandma doesn’t even look close to 70. Here's a picture of her in her flirty, skirt swingin’ days at 20......and a more low quality picture of her at her recent 90th birthday with yours truly.

Aged like fine wine, I might say.

I tend to follow my grandma’s secret to her youthful features at 90, but I recently made it a point to interview her to provide my future granddaughters with the secret to an ageless complexion from a more…experienced recipient.  

So, without further ado, here are my grandma’s top 8 secrets to maintaining a young image at 90 years old:  

1. “Always put your face cream on before bed.”

Grandma lived during the Depression era, so for the longest time her nightly facial routine consisted simply of water and a Palmolive soap bar scrub. However, as soon as she could get her hands on those moisturizers, the game changed. So, the point is, never skip a face TLC before bed.

2. Don’t be afraid to cry.

As to be expected, Grandma had her fair share of adversity. With a husband and son who passed away from cancer, the best advice to coping with the stress of hardship was to never hold back emotions.  “Your body does enough naturally… suppresses diseases, suppresses information in memory…. Do not suppress the one thing capable of release.” Personally, this advice touched me the most. “The good will ALWAYS outweigh the bad” -- a very underrated, overused, yet effective phrase.

3. Live a wholesome life.

More specifically, “live in the moment and realize you are smaller than the life before you.” -- Grandma

Embracing the small laughs and glorious successes of life, as it turns out, decreases wrinkles! Who knew! *wink wink*


I feel as if half of the population does this already, but if you don’t, you’re missing out! From Flintstones to fish oils, take those “life boosters” (as my grandma so cleverly named them). That MAY be a little ambitious, grandma. Then again, who doesn’t love a good boost of biotin here and there?

5. Exercise

Grandma says, “I'm always busy trying to do something…trying to exercise.” And it’s true to this day! You’ll never see grandma sitting at home wasting the day away (okay, maybe Sundays are an exception).

But those old bones have to move! “Run, or don’t run, walk, shop, sightsee…simply do. Especially when you’re young and can!” Simply put, stress less and enjoy the rest.

6. Stay away from drugs. 

“We didn’t really have a problem with drugs," my grandma says. 

I have to say, I had my doubts on this one. However, her glow is proof enough that drugs were not in the question growing up. “You name the toxins. It ruins your pretty little face. Point blank.”

This has been made obvious enough in this day and age, but according to my grandma, “it’s the beholder of youth who decides what it means to them and how long they intend to keep it.” This beholder wants it lasting AT LEAST until the saggy seventies, grandma!

7. “When I get stressed out I pray, and sometimes I cry, but then I get over it”

Stress is a prison. It drains the hope, the sense and the passion right out of us before we see it coming. Grandma says, “It’s not about religion, but you have to believe in something that drives you and pulls you over those impossible roads”.

I asked her how that’s contributed to her youthfulness at 90 to which she responded, “Honey, I learned how to sleep at night -- keeps your mind young.” Fair enough.

8. Lastly, lay low on the sweets!

It turns out, your dentist knows what they’re talking about! Who knew? My grandma’s advice to keeping all of her teeth at 90 is to “Eat candy. Heaven knows we need some sweetness, but brush and floss.” Additionally, grandma felt it necessary to add that “ain’t no man want a filling-mouth” Grams, I have two fillings. NEVERTHELESS, props to grandma for keeping all 32 nibblers.

All in all, we discussed how every human body is unique in the way it ages and treatment it depends on. Genetics might determine a lifelong youthful complexion just as much as a cigarette determines a fast maturation in complexion. However, at 90 years old, my grandma pointed out that being loyal to her self care, even in the hardest of times, might just be what has kept her here today to see her great-great-GREAT grandchildren.

BRB, it’s about time for my face cream!