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8 Different Ways To Celebrate National Kahlúa Day

Last week I wrote about margaritas, and the trend of writing about alcohol continues this week. There is no need to be concerned, I promise I’m okay -- let me enjoy the fun beverages in PEACE!

I love coffee and I love rum -- so obviously I love Kahlúa. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry you live in such a negative world.

I didn’t know until recently that it actually has its own national holiday. You probably can tell by now that today is the holiday --  It’s time to celebrate Kahlúa! Here are a few ways to drink this amazing liqueur!

  1. Put it on your ice cream.

  2. Make a White Russian (or buy it already made)

  3. Use it to make an iced coffee.

  4. Two words: Frozen Mudslide.

  5. If you want to try a new drink at the bar, try a Colorado Bulldog. It has Kahlúa, Coke, Vodka, and cream. Thank me later.

  6. Spice up your hot chocolate with a splash of Kahlúa.

  7. You COULD just take a shot of it... 

  8. If you wanna get “fancy with it” -- try an Espresso Martini.


Like I always say -- don’t be stupid, and PLEASE be responsible while drinking.

Lauren is currently a senior at UTSA who is obsessed with anything involving music and pop culture. She is one of the Campus Correspondents for HC UTSA, and is in charge of social media and editing. You can catch her traveling across the country for concerts, eating Whataburger fries, or constantly scrolling through her social media feeds.
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