8 Different Ways To Celebrate National Kahlúa Day

Last week I wrote about margaritas, and the trend of writing about alcohol continues this week. There is no need to be concerned, I promise I’m okay -- let me enjoy the fun beverages in PEACE!

I love coffee and I love rum -- so obviously I love Kahlúa. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry you live in such a negative world.

I didn’t know until recently that it actually has its own national holiday. You probably can tell by now that today is the holiday --  It’s time to celebrate Kahlúa! Here are a few ways to drink this amazing liqueur!

  1. Put it on your ice cream.

  2. Make a White Russian (or buy it already made)

  3. Use it to make an iced coffee.

  4. Two words: Frozen Mudslide.

  5. If you want to try a new drink at the bar, try a Colorado Bulldog. It has Kahlúa, Coke, Vodka, and cream. Thank me later.

  6. Spice up your hot chocolate with a splash of Kahlúa.

  7. You COULD just take a shot of it... 

  8. If you wanna get “fancy with it” -- try an Espresso Martini.


Like I always say -- don’t be stupid, and PLEASE be responsible while drinking.