7 Small Things That Can Help You "Get Your Life Together"

One thing my family and friends hear me say quite often is,


Sometimes you just need to take a moment to focus and relax, especially when dealing with the end of the semester. Here are 7 ways I like to de-stress and *attempt* to get my life together.

Clean your room

  • Usually when your life is a mess, your room is a mess. Cleaning your room is a step in the right direction.

Wash your face

  • An instant refresher is washing your face! Get rid of all of that nasty crap that your skin absorbs, and take care of yourself! Also -- a  face mask never hurt anyone either! My mom spent so much of her time during my teenage years yelling at me to take my makeup off and wash my face. The older I get, the more I appreciate her for the self-care things she has instilled in me.

Wash your bedsheets

  • Bouncing off of what I previously mentioned, wash yo sheets -- especially your pillowcases! Ewww germs. Nothing beats jumping into bed with clean sheets and freshly shaven legs.

Utilize your planner

  • I am the first person to admit that I don’t always keep my planner up-to-date, and that’s okay! However, try writing out your plans for the week on Sunday night! This prepares you for the week ahead, and keeps you organized.


  • Ew I know exercise, but hear me out. Get out of your room, and get some fresh air!  The other day I went to the Rec when I knew I had a major assignment due later that evening. I worked my ass off, when back to my apartment, ate dinner, and finished my assignment! It was some of the best school work I have done in a long time.

Eat healthy

  • Pretty self-explanatory. I’m the first person to admit that an entire box of Oreos sometimes ends up being your meal for the day. (It happens so fast) But try to eat as healthy as you can. Limit the amount of sodas and fast food you have, and try to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, splurge on some ice cream when you need to, a pint of ice cream fixes a lot of things in life.

Most importantly, REST!

  • Being tired is your body telling you to rest! You only get one body in your life, so listen and take care of it! Personally I really need to do as I say, and not stay up until 3 AM every night on YouTube and Reddit.

I believe in you, and you should too! I know life is hard sometimes, but you are capable of anything!