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6 Reasons to Have a Summer Job

Whenever college is in session, to say that we are busy can be an ultimate understatement. Some of us have to juggle school, work, social life, health and SLEEP. But when school is out and you decide to skip out on the summer school life, and you get sad that you have to work the entire summer. But here are a few reasons why have a summer job isn’t all that bad…

Saving money… Hopefully

In my humble opinion, money can be the absolute struggle throughout college, with having to decide if you are going to pay your utility bill or go out to the club and get jiggy with it. But in the summer, you are free to dedicate more time to work and get more hours. Which in turn means that your paychecks will be the best blessings (haha). Some students decide to think smarter with their money and start a savings account. Which is a great idea because whenever school starts and your paychecks start to decrease, the money you saved comes to the rescue.Friendships

Working can be a drag, no doubt, but the people you work with can save you. From every job, I’ve had the pleasure (or not) of having I’ve made friends where I can’t imagine not ever meeting them. They make work ten times more fun, and as you get to know each other, you can start to hang out outside of work. When it comes to friends the more the merrier right? Also if the place where you work sucks, then at least having people you click with can be the positive to the situation.

Internships/ Furthering your career

In the summer, a lot of college students decide that it is time to get an internship whether paid or not. Internships can be an amazing opportunity to help further your studies and get practice and/or experience you would not have received in the classroom.  If there is anything I absolutely need to do next, it would have to be an internship because I can work odd jobs all I want during college but actually going out there to get better at my craft is irreplaceable.


With the jobs you take in the summer, the people you meet can be life altering on a serious note. Because when you graduate college and need a recommendation letter, you can connect back with your previous supervisor. And they may be able to hire you on full time or put in a good word to a potential employer. In my current job I work at the university and interact with the families of the incoming students and when you introduce yourself and talk about your major, etc. You never know who may be in the audience, and a lady actually approached me and offered me an internship because she happens to work in the same industry. So always doing your best during a job can really pay off.


I know during school it can be the absolute worst to realize that you need to work out. But huffing and puffing every time you climb the stairs isn’t cool or cute. So now that you will potentially have more time on your hands, getting in to a good workout regime can pay off in the long run. Because when the new semester hits you might be more motivated to continue this pattern and organize your time better so you can fit it in a good workout.

School is out

Finally, there is no school, and honestly I don’t think this even needs a real explaination to why this is good. Because it speaks for itself, that there is no longer any stress and/or worry about assignments, tests, and classes in general. During the summer, there are so many things that you are not able to do during school pop up and it is amazing. That one weekend, you wanted to go tubing or to the outlets but had to stay back at the library because of that 10 page paper you have to write or that test you absolutely have to pass. Summer is perfect for doing all those things that you wanted to do but couldn’t. So for all those times you and your friends wanted to go out and try new foods every night or just relax, now is the time.



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