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5 Ways to Decrease Procrastination for Final Exams

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1. Call me later

One of our best ways to use valuable time is on our phones, except for when we need that valuable time to study instead of watching TikTok. Placing your phone away from you, putting it on DND, or turning it off completely for even just 30 minutes will allow you to complete more work than you might imagine. Believe me, I started watching TikTok for only FIVE minutes, but it turned out to be around forty-five minutes.

2. x marks the spot

We all have that one place that gives us a boost of serotonin, good vibes, and sometimes free drinks. When we aren’t there though… I cannot promise I accomplish much when it comes to completing my work. Of course, your spot is entirely up to you. So whether you like loud music, no music, crowds, or no crowds, finding YOUR study spot is always a crucial factor when it comes to diving straight into the books!

3. Good Nights rest always is best

Not sure if I made that saying up right now, but one thing is for sure – A GOOD NIGHTS REST IS ALWAYS IS BEST! Sleeping between 6-8 hours I heard is best, but if energy drinks and coffee are your thing then go you boo!

4.a healthy snack goes a long way

We all know, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but for this situation, we are just trying to eat. Having so much stress and little time with an even busier schedule can make eating a bit difficult. Don’t forget that food gives you energy (it makes me want to nap, but who’s asking, right?) That energy will be very good at keeping you focused, energized, and motivated to beat that procrastination.

5. Self love = bEST lOVE

Lastly, do NOT forget to show yourself a little love. Whether that be by taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, baking a pie, or doing some early spring cleaning (whatever floats your boat). Loving yourself is TOP priority! Remember how far you have come and where your journey has yet to go. I am proud of you, and you should definitely be too!

Sending love, luck, & laughter your way during this time we call Finals Week!


A young woman looking to inspire. Dealing with the constant changes of life can be a bit overwhelming, but not too much to handle. That being said, I am here to write and give my perspective on things like health, lifestyle, sex, love, and all of the above. I hope I can help you in your in journey so take what you need and share the advice that resonates with you! Sending love and positive vibes !
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