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5 Spooky Podcast Recommendations


The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier, and all things creepy are going bump in the night. That can only mean one thing… Spooky season is finally here! Now, I’m the type of gal who loves all things spooky. Whether it be movies, television shows, or spooky festivities, I am totally here for a good fright. However, I do not always have the time to dedicate to immersing myself in the newest horror film or series. Because of this, I have turned to podcasts as my source of on the go spooks and scares for listening when I’m running errands, writing notes, or in the car! In no particular order, here are 5  of my favorite spooky podcasts perfect for the Halloween season. 

Full Body Chills by Audiochuck Productions created by Ashley Flowers and David Flowers

If you’re a fan of the highly-acclaimed Crime Junkie podcast, you’re going to love this! Full Body Chills is the sister podcast of Crime Junkie created by sibling duo Ashley Flowers and David Flowers. This podcast features original stories submitted by fans through social media and then narrated by Ashley Flowers. I personally really love the production value in this show as it creates a truly eerie ambiance within each episode’s unique story. The combination of intricate sound production and the incredible storytelling talent of Ashley Flowers truly feels like listening to a blockbuster horror movie!

Radio Rental by Tenderfoot TV created by Payne Lindsey 

If you are a sucker for nostalgia, true horror stories, and Rainn Wilson, Radio Rental is the podcast for you. Radio Rental is an anthology series following a fictional rental shop owner Terry Carnation (voiced by Rainn Wilson) as he plays the listener VHS tapes from his hidden collection. These tapes are interviews conducted by host Payne Lindsey as he listens to the speakers detail their scariest experiences. I am a huge fan of the nostalgic but mysterious ambiance this podcast creates through the world of Terry Carnation and the production by host Payne Lindsey. When you finish Radio Rental, I definitely recommend checking out TenderfootTV’s collection of true crime podcasts.

Cult Liter With Spencer Henry by Morbid Network created by Spencer Henry

When you’re in the mood for spooks but still want to have a good laugh, I highly recommend Cult Liter With Spencer Henry! Host Spencer Henry is such a genuine and personable host that this podcast truly feels like swapping mystery stories with a good friend. Each week Cult Liter delivers a new spooky occult story told in a very casual, laidback nature that is perfect for listening to with coffee on a cool October morning. 

Terror Talk – A True Crime and Horror Podcast created by Shannon Sharee and Cathy Barrett

For those more interested in why something goes bump in the night, Terror Talk is just what you’re looking for. Terror Talk is an analytical approach to the psychology of horror through the lens of licensed psychologists and hosts Shannon Sharee and Cathy Barrett. This podcast is so fascinating and provides a very interesting perspective of the world of horror that will leave your mind reeling.

Creepy by Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network created by Jon Grilz

Not a fan of dialogue podcasts? Creepy is right up your alley! This podcast is an extremely immersive listening experience led by host Jon Grilz as he narrates horror stories selected from the NoSleep and creepypastas subreddit forums. Grilz is also a host of the Small Town Horror podcast that is likewise sure to give you a few scares!

These podcasts are all ongoing and produced by wonderful creators! All of the aforementioned podcasts are available on free streaming platforms and are waiting to be listened to. So sit back, relax, and breathe in the Autumn air as you listen to these spooky podcasts guaranteed to breathe a chill down your spine!

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