The 5 Different Playlists You Need To Make

Music plays a pretty big part in my life━it really sets the tone of things for me. I’m one of those people that tends to play songs on repeat literally for hours on end. But I can also be pretty picky about what song I’m in the mood to listen to as well. So, something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past year is making playlists for various moods or occasions.

While some of my playlists may seem so random to most people since some of them don’t have much rhyme or reason as to the songs I put together, I do think there are 5 playlists that everyone should make for themselves.

Since I’m a die-hard Spotify user, I’ll use them for reference, and while they do have some pre-made playlist that you can follow, I find it to be more fun to create your own where you can pick and choose each song.

Playlist # 1: The Workout

Because if you have the right jams going to the gym is way more fun.


Playlist #2: The Chill-Out

For those long study sessions that would just be a drag if you had to suffer them in silence.


Playlist #3: The Sad One

Perfect for whenever you’re in your feels...and if you’re not, you will be after listening to this one.


Playlist #4: The Angsty One

For whenever you want to relive all the angst you felt in your pre-teen/teen years.



Playlist #5: The Monthly One

This one’s my favorite because I make a new one each month, and it gives me a good excuse to look for new music and new artists.