4 Quotes Every College Student Should Live By



1. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

This quote has served as a powerful reminder for the value of my own voice, in the course of being a student at UTSA. It has encouraged me to accept the realization that nothing can act as a bigger barrier to me than myself. Whether it be the organizations I didn’t join due to the voice in my head saying “you won’t fit in here” or the exams that I didn’t study hard enough for because I felt I already knew I wouldn’t do well on them. Nothing restricted me from actually doing those things besides my own voice of opinion. The reality of it is I would fit into any and all organizations just fine if I had only empowered myself to apply. Similarly, I would have aced all those exams had I gotten over my anxiety of not doing well enough and practiced an effective study routine. So bottom line, whatever is serving as a barrier in your life right now, take a minute away from making excuses and ask yourself, what is really stopping you?

2."You could be the ripest peach in the world and there will still be someone who doesn’t like peaches." – Unknown.

Never allow other’s expectations to define who you are. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. Not only is it impossible to impress everyone around you, it’s unnecessary. So, if you can build a world where you and your loved ones are proud of who you are, you have achieved greatness in life.

3. “When you judge someone, you don’t define them, you define yourself.”

This quote has always served as my rude awakening. It’s far too easy to be negative in our world today -- to find a reason to judge the person next to you. “Did you see her post on Insta? She is too big to be wearing that outfit.” “Uh, why does she try so hard to talk to everyone? She is so fake.” “Look how dressed up she is for her 8 a.m.! Is she really that insecure?” If any of those thoughts sound familiar, don’t worry, I am not implying you’re an A* hole because the truth is everyone does it to some extent (or maybe I'm lying), but what I want to ask is the why behind all those opinions. Why do you care so much about what “that big girl” is wearing? Why does it matter if that girl is a people pleaser? Or the other girl is wearing makeup to her 8 a.m. as a result of her insecurities?  Truth is, you don’t know how much it took for “that big girl” to feel unapologetically comfortable in her outfit. Maybe that “fake people pleaser” is nice to everyone because she simply wishes to brighten up their day -- something no one is putting an effort to do for her on her worst days. Maybe that girl in your 8 am really is insecure about the way she looks OR MAYBE she is just more put together than you are willing to be. Maybe you are slightly jealous of “that big girl” because you can never find the confidence in yourself to wear the outfit she is bold enough to wear. Maybe your social anxiety is what is stopping you from talking to the same people that “fake people pleaser” is willing to talk to. Moral of the story is you are not aware of the wars those individuals who you are so quick to judge might be facing. Reality is, you don’t know them well enough to justify your opinions. So why add to the nastiness we already face in this world today? And wonder WHY do those people you judge really bother you?  

4. "There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a girl who is in love with every breath she takes." – Atticus

You only have one life. What are you choosing to do with it? This quote has encouraged me to change my perspective on most of my negative experiences because it served as my motivation to look past all that is or was bad. You know, life really is too short to be wasted on any form of hate. Whether it be towards yourself or others. I truly believe there is nothing more mesmerizing than a person who truly appreciates themselves because in accepting yourself, you become more accepting of the world around you. In doing do, you are kinder to the world around you.