21 Things I've Learned At Age 21

  1. Being an adult is expensive.

  2. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

  3. Never turn down free food. (Unless it’s from a stranger)

  4. Everyone struggles.

  5. Karma is a real thing -- both good and bad.

  6. Your parents are your forever best friends.

  7. Seize every opportunity to travel you can get.

  8. Clothing sizes are a literal hot mess -- just purchase clothing that is comfortable on you, don’t worry about the size on the tag.

  9. Pick and choose your battles.

  10. Do what you love.

  11. Don’t be ashamed of your passions, they make you who you are.

  12. Enjoy each day while looking forward to the future.

  13. Your real friends will stick around.

  14. Quality over quantity.

  15. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

  16. Always have three interesting facts about yourself ready, because you never know when you will have to participate in an ice breaker.

  17. Your gut feeling is always right.

  18. Having a concert by yourself in the car while driving is therapeutic for the soul.

  19. Always wash your face. (Thank you Madre)

  20. Ice cream is the best comfort food.

  21. Never miss an opportunity to say I love you.