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Time and time again, Betty White dazzled the world with her comedy and charm. While the absence of such an iconic person leaves everyone sad, her comedy will live on. There are numerous streaming platforms that make finding Betty White’s shows and movies easy. Here’s a list of 10 shows, episodes, and movies featuring Betty White’s timeless talent. 

  1. The Golden Girls

Available on Hulu.

  1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Available on Pluto. 

  1. Hot in Cleveland

Available on Paramount+.

  1. My Wife and Kids

Episode: The Maid. Season 4, Episode 26.

Available on Hulu.

  1. 30 Rock

Episode: Stone Mountain. Season 4, Episode 3. 

Available on Netflix, Hulu.

  1. Malcolm in the Middle

Episode: Victor’s Other Family. Season 5, Episode 20. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu.

  1. Community

Episode: Anthropology 101. Season 2, Episode 1. 

Available on Netflix, Hulu.

  1. The Middle

Episode: Average Rules. Season 1, Episode 24.

Available on HBO Max.

  1. The Lorax

Available on Netflix.

  1. The Proposal

Available for rent on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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