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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

With the opening of class registration (aka Hunger Games season), everyone is trying to craft the perfect fall semester schedule. As a senior graduating this May, I thankfully don’t have to worry about registration anymore. However, one thing I always did have to consider when I was signing up for classes was if I was willing to have a break in between my classes or stack them back-to-back. Because, let’s face it, we all end up with that one semester in which we have random awkward gaps in between our classes or the alternative where we have 5 minutes to sprint to another building for our next class.

So if you find yourself with a less than fortunate schedule that leaves you with awkward 4-hour gaps, or even if you have successfully crafted your perfect schedule with a moderate 1-hour gap in between your classes here are some things you can do in between your classes to ensure that you’re getting the most out f your schedule:

Catch up on your favorite show(s).

This may not seem like the most productive use of your time, but honestly, I have no idea how we managed to be in class for 8+ hours a day in high school because we just can’t seem to do it anymore, no matter how hard we try. It’s good to give your mind a little rest, and you can even set up a reward system for yourself: If you manage to sit through the entire lecture, stay awake, AND take notes, you can watch the next episode of your latest Netflix binge afterward.

Find a new hidden study spot on campus.

If you find yourself stuck on campus between class, for a long stretch of time, finding a little hidden gem on campus is a great idea ━ look for someplace with low traffic and minimal distractions. Take the time to test out spending time in a few different places, you may like one spot more than the others or you may find that you like to change things up every once in a while.

Take a power nap.

Depending on how many classes you have in a day or how early your day started, you may find yourself in desperate need of some sleep. You can always find a quiet spot in the JPL (John Peace Library) to lay your head down, and let’s not forget about those trusty beanbags in the Student Union.

Do homework or review notes/readings for your next class.

Now here’s where we finally start talking about being productive! No matter how much time you have between your classes (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3+ hours) that’s plenty of time to get in a bit of review for your next class or wrap up any work or note taking or readings you need to for your previous class.

Go to a professor’s office hours.

If you have questions pertaining to a certain class or assignment or just want to get to know your professors better and build a relationship with them, stopping by their office hours is a great way to utilize your time in between classes ━ I mean they’re using their time in between classes to hold office hours, right?

Grab a snack or take a lunch break.

Depending on what time you have a break in your schedule you can either grab a quick snack or stop and have a full on meal. While eating out isn’t in everyone’s budget many of the on-campus restaurants have deals and specials going on all the time, so you can plan your “treat-yo’-self” meals accordingly.

Update your planner/to-do list.

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you’ll be able to remember an important deadline or due date later, chances are you’ll forget. And those never-ending notes you add to your Notes app on your phone won’t help you if you don’t remember to look at them, so after each class mark down any important due days or assignments in your planner.

Check and respond to important emails.

I swear I can’t think of anything more annoying than when the countless school emails start rolling in first thing each Monday morning, going nonstop until Friday afternoon. So one way to keep up with the inbox-influx is to read through them, respond to the necessary ones, and clear out the rest.

Grab coffee with a friend.

Personally, I’m not a coffee person, but most college students seem to be high-key addicts, so any break between classes is the perfect time to get a quick fix while catching up with that one friend whose name you can’t remember but you’ve had several classes with.

Get started on that 20-page paper or that final presentation due at the end of the semester.

Back on the note of being productive, if you have time in between your classes and you’re stuck on campus with nothing else to do, you might as well get started on that final project so that you don’t have to scramble too much at the end of the semester.

I hope these ideas of things to do in between your classes helps to ease your mind as you go through registration week and sign up for the next semester’s classes because I think we can all agree that that process and all its glitches are stressful enough as is.

Sydney is a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She's an avid Youtube watcher and Netflix binger. Sydney's a lover of YA fiction, especially dystopian series, and she can often be found around campus, with earphones in, listening to an audiobook. As someone that is forever getting lost in books, she thought it was time to share her own stories and opinions.
Lauren is currently a senior at UTSA who is obsessed with anything involving music and pop culture. She is one of the Campus Correspondents for HC UTSA, and is in charge of social media and editing. You can catch her traveling across the country for concerts, eating Whataburger fries, or constantly scrolling through her social media feeds.