10 Problems All English Majors Can Relate To

I love being an English major. It isn’t the major I started out with, but I’m SO glad I switched. No matter how fulfilling it feels or how interesting what I’m studying can be to me, like any major, English also brings with it some problems.

  1. Being expected to spell/form sentences perfectly 24/7 just because of my major, if I already knew it all they’d just hand me the degree.

  2. “Are you going to be a teacher?”

  3. There are lots of weird people in your major classes (I’m looking at you, creative writing concentrations...)

  4. It can be so difficult (I’ll say it: English just doesn’t make sense more than half of the time) but because it isn’t STEM people don’t understand that.

  5. There isn’t just one simple right answer like with a math problem, I would love to turn in a paper knowing it could either be right or wrong.

  6. Growing a full command of MLA8 is bound to happen, but it leads to your brain breaking any time you have to use a different format for an elective.

  7. No time to read books you like because you have to read the ones assigned.

  8. People ask you for writing/spelling/grammar help as if you’re the expert. (example: I cannot spell to save my life.)

  9. Most English majors start off by loving reading and writing, but all the assignments turn what you once loved into a chore.

  10. Sentence diagramming.*


*Okay I might secretly like sentence diagramming, it’s just hard.