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Why Tacos are so Darn Delicious

Taco, a four-lettered word that makes my mouth water. Not only are tacos unique and the perfect combination between acid, salt and spicy but they are…


Tacos are simple.

Tacos are delicious.

And universal.

You can literally eat anything in a taco (literally). All you need are delicious tortillas, a filling and sauce or salsa to go with it. I think whenever we have left over food it is actually the best time to experiment. Think about it, after making pasta sometimes you get leftover tomato sauce (this could be your taco sauce). Most of the time you will have spare cheese on the fridge (your filling). And at last you should ALWAYS ALWAYS, have tortillas around. So easy and delicious, a pizza taco.

There are infinite taco options out there, from sweet to salty and from big to small. Never underestimate a taco and its flavor, believe me, after you try a genuine taco you will never go back again. So, you may ask: Why is a taco delicious?

1.     Because its easy to make.

2.     Because its cheap.

3.     Because there are infinite combinations.




A Mass Communications major, with a minor in Art and Graphic Design. Passionate about creativity and food. 
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