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What it’s Like to Live on Campus

To start off talking about my experience let me quickly inform you that this is my second year staying at Heritage Hall in UTRGV. We all know staying in a dormitory comes with its pros and cons, as a resident who has lived on campus for close to 2-years now let me share with you my opinions. 


One of benefits of staying in a dormitory would be the fact that no driving is required to get to campus so that means extra sleep and sweet dreams without the stress of finding a parking lot spot the next day. You literally just wake up get dressed and head to class, if you want the get dressed part could be skipped and you could just attend class with your pajamas. The dorm buildings come to aid when it comes to studying, they have these study rooms as well where it’s just peace and quiet. A lobby in which you can socialize, play board games, pool, and watch movies with your friends and other residents is something fun to do at the dorms. In the lobby RA’s (resident staff) host these little events to try to get the residents in the building to know each other which is fun. When you are needing some necessities or hungry Wal-Mart and restaurants are just walking distance from where you stay. Also living on campus gives you the chance to be more involved on campus and attend school events. Lastly when you have a large block in-between classes head off to your room for a nap. 


Your living on campus experience I would say really depends on the people surrounding you. Nobody wants a loud or messy roommate and if that is what comes in your package try to talk about it with them, communication is important if you want to come to an agreement on a comfortable living space.  Another con would be unlike an apartment Heritage Hall has curfew hours concerning visitors, so your friends can’t really stay over as much as you would like. Finally, in the list of cons comes that it would be great if our furry friends could live with us but sadly it is not, it’s understandable though. 

To conclude this, living on campus is likely convenient if you ask me.

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