Support Your Local Artists: Sea Sures

Last night Sea Sures along with a few other bands played a live show at a local venue Located in downtown McAllen.  The Valley can get a bad rep when it comes to things that one can do around here but there is always something going on, all you need to do is look. For example almost everyday there is live music at multiple local venues such as the Yerberia Cultura, also located in downtown McAllen.  Sea Sures consists of 4 members, a singer, the bassist, the guitarist and the drummer. 

I highly recommend you check out their instagram and facebook page @seasuresband they have some videos up where you can listen to their live shows and they are always updating it with information about where they'll be playing next!  Next time you feel like there is nothing fun or interesting to do make sure to look up your local venues (Yerberia Cultura, Avenue 1704 or Cine El Rey) and check out what they have going on!