Spring Fashion 2018

April is here, and Spring is in full gear. Spring is a fun time for fashion, because it’s goodbye winter coats and hello fashion. In honor of Spring I’ve compiled a list of all the fashion that is sure to be trending this season, and tips on how to wear everything. 

Bold Neon Colors: Spring is such a happy time, and bold neon colors are sure to reflect that happiness through fashion this season. Bold neon colors might be out of some people’s comfort zones, so if you don’t feel comfortable rocking a head-to-toe neon outfit you can definitely rock a neon accessory like a neon purse or shoes. 

 Sneakers: This season comfortable shoes will meet fashion. Brands have started selling sneakers in fun colors and with cute embellishments like jewels and bows. You can dress them up by wearing them with a formal outfit or wear them with your casual everyday clothes. The best part is they’re comfortable. 


Fringe: All the latest designer clothes feature fringe this season, and it’s easy to understand why. Fringe is a fun way to add style to an outfit. You don’t have to rock a completely fringe dress, you can add style to your basic outfit with some fringe boots or fringe statement earrings.  

Belts: Sometimes your outfit just needs an extra little something. This season you can add a belt to just about any outfit for that extra little something. You can experiment with belts, and add a small cute belt for just an added touch or a big statement belt to take your outfit from boring to bold.  

Rompers: While rompers with shorts are usually more of a summer trend, rompers with pants on the other hand are definitely a spring fashion trend. They can be formal or casual, for the perfect going out or everyday look. When it comes to rompers you can ditch the bold neon colors and rock a white romper.  

Fun Sunglasses: You can leave your black sunglasses at home this season, because fun sunglasses are sure to be trending this season. Floral patterns, bright colors and cute designs are the perfect choice for your sunglasses. They will add a pop of color to your outfits and are perfect for a weekend beach trip. 

Pant Suits: Who said business casual had to mean sacrificing fashion. Pantsuits are all the rage this season. A fuchsia pantsuit can be both fashionable and appropriate for the workplace. You’ll look like a successful business woman and a fashion professional all in one. Plus with the right shoes and jewelry you’ll look even better. 

Florals: Spring is when flowers start blooming, which is why it’s the perfect time to take some inspiration from nature and wear floral patterns. Like some of the other trends on this list you don't have to rock a head to toe floral outfit you can stick to some floral shoes or a floral belt if that’s more your style. For anyone who doesn’t mind wearing floral from head to toe my advice is be careful not to mix too may patterns.  

Skater Skirts: If you’re style is girly yet comfortable, then you’ll be happy to know that skater skirts will definitely be a trend this season. Wear them with sneakers for a casual look or heels to dress them up. They’re girly, but you won’t be wanting to rip them off at the end of the day because they are super comfortable too.

Statement Necklaces: A simple chain might have been enough last season, but this season is all about statement necklaces. A statement necklace is the perfect accessory for just about any outfit. You don’t have to break the bank to get one either you can find affordable statement necklaces just about anywhere. You can wear them with a formal dress or a casual outfit too.