Photoshoot Spots at UTRGV Edinburg Campus

Going to class day in and day out can make all buildings look the same, but taking a moment to admire the architecture and landscape can spark ideas for cool shots with friends if you've got some time to kill or want to update your social media aesthetic. Get ready to bust out your camera or drag your photo savvy friends to these spots on campus and show off your best pose.


Visitor Center

First, let's start with the red tiled wall outside the visitors center.  Its red and orange mosaic tiles are a great splash of color and the rectangular hole can act as a window too.



Science Building Entrance

While on the subject of walls, the blue tiled entrance to the science building is also a great backdrop. Going later in the day would have less bystanders if a large crowd makes you shy, otherwise there's plenty of space to try out creative poses.



The planetarium also has a cool-toned mosaic, but it might be a bit tricky since they are curved. It's also only a few steps away from the blue-tiled wall.


Mosaic Moon

Right behind the planetarium is a mosaic moon that you can sit, stand, or lay on to get a really cool shot.



Tiled Sun

What's the moon without the sun? Right across the moon is a bright yellow mosaic sun that's sure to brighten a photo.


New Science Building

Near the entrance of the new science building is a beautiful landscape of rocks, perfect for a rustic flair, and can add interesting textures to a shot on the bench right across it.


Education Complex

Next, the education complex is a hidden gem for colorful backdrops for portraits.  Each floor has an array of colored posters from pink, yellow, blue, green, and more.




On the second floor of the education complex is access to an outdoor path on the other side of the building, giving a great opportunity for shots of the building from above.




Science Building Path

Outside the entrance to the science buildings is a path surrounded by trees, and a perfect landscape to emphasis your model.



The Track

The track right next to the engineering building is also a great location for dramatic or sporty shots, and the bleachers can give fun perspectives to try out.



Performing Arts Complex

A short walk away is the performing arts complex, which has grey blocks with pops of green and yellow.



Lastly, is a tiled fountain in the performing arts complex with a retro vibe.  You can also experiment with the white benches right across it.



If you and your friends have some spare time or just looking for a fun activity, exploring the campus for a photoshoot is definitely recommended. Capture your memories of college and check out these spots or find your own cool locations and discover the beauty of our campus.  Also, a big thank you to my very patient model Jacob Maciel who made this impromptu photoshoot the best part of my week.