Photoshoot Spots at UTRGV Brownsville Campus

The Brownsville campus not only has beautiful buildings (some are even remainings of an old U.S Army outpost), but also a breathtaking landscape including a resaca, or oxbow lake, flowing through the heart of it.  This makes it a prime spot for a photoshoot with friends at almost every turn. If you’re based in the Edinburg campus, just look up the UTRGV Vaquero Express Connector for free transportation on a charter bus and make a fun day out of it. Included is a brief list of go-to spots on campus for some cool shots.



First is the trail to the other side of the resaca, behind the library.  It's a great scenic trail and if you have time between class and/or love nature, it's definitely a sight to see.


Southmost College Bridge

Across that trail is Ringgold Road with some apartment buildings with a nearby bridge to a little patch of land.  As you enter there is a lovely rock wall and as you cross the bridge it feels like you're traveling to a mini island.  


On the small patch of land is a great view across the water, and of the ducks that swim by.  It's a great breath of fresh air from the exhausting school life and it’s definitely worth the walk.



There's also beautiful foliage along the road and around almost all the buildings.  Don't overlook these blooming flowers, they're great photo opportunities.



Student Union

The architecture itself is also inspiring.  Just one example is the staircase to the Student Union but there’s many more; it’s not hard to find aesthetically pleasing buildings on this campus!




An obvious spot for a photo op is the UTRGV sign right before the student union.  Show off your school spirit and strike a pose.




Last but not least is the bridge across the resaca joining the two sides of campus.  There's a bench in the middle that’s perfect to sit and pose with friends or just enjoy a breezy evening looking over the water.



Overall, the scenery of this campus is beautiful at every turn and taking time to look around and have a fun photoshoot with friends is a great way to relax after exams or fill in time between classes.