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What was I doing my whole life that I could never find one person deserving of the “best friend” title? Now I have two. You have become my best friends and my support system wrapped into one. You are the ones who I met out of the blue or because we were stuck with each other, but now we’re inseparable. 

We joke about how we wouldn’t be friends if I wasn’t so clingy, or how if we weren’t forced to see each other on a daily basis, there would be no “us.” But in all honesty, I don’t know where I’d be if that never happened.  

You all have confided in me about your deepest darkest secrets, or cried on the phone about that internship you didn’t get. You’ve called me after a long week of nonsense and stress and I’ve called you when I can’t seem to get that boy out of my head.  

You all are my best friends, my soulmates, my papita* and my sister. You’re the reason why I no longer feel alone. You all are the reason why I don’t believe in the words “there is no such things as friends,” anymore but now I know there are friends, and even best friends, and I’m glad you’re mine. 

Karla Leal is pursuing a degree in Mass Comm major, emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Graphic Design. She is the Social Media Director for UTRGV Her Campus. Karla is also the founding president of the UTRGV Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, all while also being the brand ambassador for an RGV clothing line, GiBOSS. Check out her blog, Lipstick and Vodka, where she writes about beauty, fashion, and drinking. Karla hopes to one day move to New York City and work for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Find her on social media @kleal__
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