Met Gala 2018- Best Dressed

On Monday night was the Met Gala, an annual event that serves as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The gala also marks the opening of the Met’s fashion exhibit. Some call the event the biggest night of fashion, and that is not an overstatement. This year’s chairperson for the event was Vogue editor Anna Wintour and the honorary co-chairs for the event were Amal Clooney, Rhianna and Donatella Versace. Each year the gala has a theme, and everyone who attends is expected to dress according to the theme. Some of the past themes included Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, Punk: Chaos to Couture and China: Through the Looking Glass. This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Some people found the theme to be offensive, but the Catholic church fully supported the event and even sent artifacts from the Vatican that were put on display during the event. With dozens of celebrities in attendance it was hard to keep up, luckily I’ve compiled a list of the best dressed celebrities of the 2018 Met Gala: 

Blake Lively 

The actress wore a ruby and gold colored Versace dress. Lively’s dress was arguably my favorite of the entire night. The dress featured a stunning long train and a gold headpiece that perfectly tied her dress in with the theme. The dress reportedly took 600 hours to make, and was too large for an average limo so Lively had to take a party bus to the event. 



Kim Kardashian West 

West kept it quite simple this year with a gold Versace dress, that featured two crosses in the front. She also wore a cross necklace that matched the crosses on the front of her dress. Although simple the dress was elegant and complimented the theme perfectly without being over the top. The oldest Kardashian sister kept her hair simple with a sleek slicked ponytail. 


Letitia Wright 

The breakout star wore a black and gold Coach dress. Instead of wearing a dress with a plunging neckline or high slit like other celebrities Wright kept it conservative in honor of the theme. Her dress was inspired by Ethiopian pastors, and she wore her hair in a traditional Ethiopian hairstyle. Many of Wright’s fans agreed that she really did look like a Wakandan princess. 



Zendaya is known for her killer red carpet looks, so it’s no surprise that she was one of the best dressed at the Met Gala. She rocked an all silver Versace dress complete with armor like neck and shoulder pieces. Her inspiration for the dress was Saint Joan of Arc. The dress was more minimalistic than some of her previous Met Gala dresses, but it complimented the theme perfectly. 






Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

It is no secret that the Olsen twins are very well-known in the fashion world, and they definitely made themselves known at the Met Gala. Both girls wore vintage Paco Rabanne dresses. Ashley wore a red, gold and black patchwork dress. Mary Kate kept it simple with a black dress. The girls outfit inspiration was the renaissance era. 


Katherine Langford 

In her first ever Met Gala appearance the actress wore a red and pink Prada dress complete with a cape. The dress may be simple, but her accessories were anything but simple. She wore a 1.25 million dollar cross that was originally a gift from Pope Paul VI to the United Nations. She also wore a 13.6 Carat ring that the United Nations gifted to Pope Paul VI. 


Jennifer Lopez 

Lopez wore a Balmain dress complete with an ostrich feather train. The dress was covered in gems an formed a cross in the front. The dress also features a thigh high slit for added drama. Despite it’s high slit she was able to keep the dress appropriate for the religious theme. 


Tessa Thompson 

Thompson wore a black Thor Browne dress. The dress was inspired by the vestments that Catholic priest wear. She also wore a black and white jacket over her shoulders to compliment her look. As for makeup she wore white eyeliner on her face and in the form of dots down her back, this paid homage to her character Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok who also wears white eyeliner on her face and body.


Priyanka Chopra 

The actress looked stunning in her burgundy Ralph Lauren dress. Unlike other celebrities who wore crowns or other elaborate headpieces she opted for a  jeweled hood that completed her look. The hood, which in my opinion was the star of the look reportedly took 250 hours to make and was beaded by hand. This dress was probably the closest to rivaling Lively’s dress for best dress of the night. 


Lily Collins

Collins wore a black Givenchy dress that featured white detailing around the collar. The dress was gorgeous with small cutouts on the side and a shorter skirt with sheer black fabric over it. Collins accessorized by carrying a rosary and wearing an elaborate black headpiece. For her makeup she wore a tear under each eye. 


Gigi Hadid 

The model rocked a colorful Givenchy dress. The dress featured gorgeous details such as the one sleeve off the shoulder look and a slit in the skirt. The dress was inspired by stained glass windows in churches. As for accessories she kept it simple and wore big jeweled earrings. 


Kris Jenner 

Although some Kylie and Kendall’s dresses did not land themselves a spot on this list, momager Kris Jenner sure does get one. She wore a black dress with a completely feathered skirt and sheer black sleeves. The dress was quite simple but the gold detailing really made it stand out on the red carpet. While she didn’t quite tie in the theme she still looked amazing at the event. 


Lili Reinhart 

The actress made her Met Gala debut in a short silver H&M dress that featured a gorgeous silver train. The dress also featured poofy sleeves that added even more glamour to her look. The dress was not what you’ll typically find in store at H&M, but that is because it was designed specifically for Reinhart. 


Ariana Grande 

Grande arrived at the Met Gala in a Vera Wang dress. The dress was inspired by Michelangelo’s Last Judgement painting inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. The dress feature images from the painting, which depicts humans waiting for the day of the last judgement. In very Ariana style she wore a big tulle bow in her hair to accessorize the dress.