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All the Female Heroes you can expect to see in Avengers:Infinity War

When you think of Marvel superheroes Iron-Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor, Star Lord and Spider-Man might come to mind. Most people, especially non-Marvel fans don’t realize how many female superheroes or “sheroes” exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how awesome they really are. The next Marvel movie to be released by Marvel Studios is “Infinity War” this film will bring together The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy and all the other heroes that have been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until this point. The epic lineup of superheroes does not exclude female heroes, in fact it will feature seven main female heroes. In case you’re still questioning if their is female representation in the MCU, below is a list of all the Marvel ladies and what makes them awesome:


Black Widow 

Perhaps the most well-known female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Black Widow. She made her first appearance in “Iron Man 2” and has since appeared in over five MCU movies. She is one of the original members of The Avengers. Together with Captain America she discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D had been infiltrated by HYDRA. She later helped The Avengers bring down HYDRA. After that she went on numerous there missions with The Avengers including taking down Ultron and fighting half of the other Avengers in “Civil War”. 



Agent Maria Hill 

Maria Hill made her first appearance in “Avengers”. She joined S.H.I.E.L.D and worked her way up to Agent Nick Fury’s second hand woman. Hill assisted The Avengers in securing the Tesseract from Loki. In “Avengers:Age of Ultron” Hill along with Fury were able to use S.H.I.E.L.D technology to help evacuate many bystanders, during the battle of the Avengers and Ultron. She hasn’t appeared in the last few Marvel movies, but she has joined the cast of Marvel’s television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D



Scarlet Witch 

Scarlet Witch made her first appearance in the MCU in the end credit scene of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” She and her brother Quicksilver agreed to undergo experimentation with HYDRA, and as a result the Chitauri Scepter left her with powers including telekinesis, telepathy and energy manipulation. Although she started as a villain, she has since become an Avenger. In “Captain America Civil War” she joined Team Captain America and fought the other half of The Avengers. 




Gamora’s first MCU appearance was in “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1.” She is the daughter of Thanos, and a member of The Guardians of the Galaxy. She served Thanos for many years, until she finally freed herself from him. Gamora was arrested for civil disruption when she got into a fight over the orb. Eventually she teamed up with what eventually became the Guardians of the Galaxy to secure the orb. In the sequel Gamora helped the Guardians defeat Ego, and she successfully made up with her sister Nebula who once wanted to kill her. 





Mantis is a fairly new MCU character, having only appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” so far. She worked for Ego on his planet, until the Guardians were finally able to destroy him. She has the power of empathy, basically meaning that when she touches someone she is able to feel the same emotion they are feeling. She is sometimes able to alter these feelings as well, such as by making people fall asleep as we saw in the second Guardians movie. 




Valkyrie is another one of the relatively new characters in the MCU. Her first and only MCU appearance so far was in “Thor Ragnarok.” She was one of the Valkyries sent by Odin to defeat Hela. When Hela returned to Asgard in an attempt to overtake the planet, Thor and Loki sought out Valkyrie to help defeat Hela. Valkyrie fought Hela and along with Thor, Loki and Hulk defeated her and saved the Asgardians. 




Even though she is the newest of the MCU female characters having only appeared in the recent “Black Panther” movie, Shuri might just be the most amazing “sheroe” of them all. Not only is she a hero, but she is also princess of Wakanda. She is responsible for creating most of Wakanda’s technology. She is responsible for helping the Black Panther save Wakanda, and she also upgraded the Black Panther suit to make it more ideal for fighting. In addition to this thanks to a particular end credit scene as well as the “Infinity War Prelude” comic we now know she responsible for removing HYDRA’s programming from the Winter Soldier’s mind. 



In addition to the awesome sheroes mentioned above we’ll also be seeing Pepper Pots (Stark?) in Infinity War, who we’re sure will be in the line of battle or helping the Avengers in some way and not just sitting on the sidelines. The movie will also include Nebula who we suspect has become good and will be fighting with the Guardians to defeat her father Thanos who she vowed to kill at the end of the last Guardians film. In addition to this we will be getting even more female representation, on Thanos side. Thanos Black Order will include, Proxima Midnight his adopted daughter who will definitely be helping Thanos take down The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy and retrieve the Infinity Stones. “Avengers Infinity War” is set to be released in theaters on April 27 and tickets are on sale now. 

Kennedy Castillo is a student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley majoring in communications. She is the founder of her personal brand Kennedy C Media consisting of KennedyCBlog.com, The Simply Kennedy Podcast and Kennedy Castillo Youtube Channel. She previously worked with Riddle & Bloom as an Amazon Prime Student Ambassador. She is a freelance writer with published articles in Woman2Woman Magazine, Glue Magazine, Lune Magazine, Vinazine and Her Culture Magazine. She is the current Campus Correspondent and President of the UTRGV Her Campus Chapter and previously worked as a Her Campus Chapter Advisor, Her Campus Chapter Expansion Intern and Her Campus High School Ambassador Program Advisor.
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