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Let’s not forget what the 80s gave us; good music, oversized clothes, neon makeup, lots of hairspray and a variety of good looking men. Even though most of us didn’t grow up in the 80s, we still find theses heartthrobs irresistible till this day. From musicians to actors 80s men are something to remember.

1.Johnny Depp: 

Musician and actor Johnny Depp won girls hearts in the cult movie Cry Baby. Depp is still acting in mostly movies by Tim Burton and he is part of the band The Hollywood Vampires.

2.Rob Lowe:

His dreamy blue eyes allowed the former outsider to be in the list. Even though Rob is still acting his most memorable moments were in the 80s and early 90s.

3.Tom Cruise:

Another actor featured on “The Outsiders”, Cruise made himself a star in movies like “Top Gun” and “Cocktail”. Today, he is still given roles in movies where he is portrayed as a bad ass man.


4.Andrew McCarthy:

A Tom Hughes favorite, McCarthy appeared in hits like “St. Elmos Fire” and “Pretty in Pink”. Andrew is not in the big screen business anymore, however he does have small roles in TV shows.

5.Sean Penn: 

Even though Sean Penn had more serious and successful roles after the 80s, he was still a man to die for back in the day.

6.Honorable mentions:

Matthew Broderick –

John Stamos-

Harrison Ford-


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