8 Ways to Relax After Finals Week

Finals week is officially over, and summer is in full gear. The question is; What do we do now that finals week is over? Don't worry I've got you covered here are 8 ways you can relax now that finals week is over: 


1- Take a nap 

You’ve earned a nap between studying for finals, and keeping up with everything else in your life you’ve definitely earned a nap. Now that the semester is over you probably don't have anywhere to be. So grab a pillow and blanket close your eyes and don't even worry about setting your alarm. 


2- Go to the Beach 

South Padre Island is only about an hour away from UTRGV, so why not grab your besties and head to the beach. Go for a dip in the pool, get your tan on or build a sand castle. No matter how you decide to spend your beach getaway make sure you relax. 


3- Watch a Movie 

Summer is the best time to watch a movie, because so many good movies are being released. Watch or re-watch Avengers Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, I Feel Pretty, Deadpool 2, Mamma Mia or any other movie you might enjoy seeing. You can also stay indoors and watch a DVD if you prefer to do that. 


4- Give Yourself a Spa Day 

If staying home is more your style than a spa day is perfect. Treat yourself to a peel-off face mask, a pedicure, a bath and relaxation. An at home spa day is simple, relaxing and affordable. You don’t have to break the bank for your spa day you can use affordable brands like Freeman Peel-Off Face Masks. 


5- Binge Watch Your Fave Series 

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and whatever other streaming sites exist you can binge watch your favorite series or several of your favorite series’. Take a day or even a week to get caught up on your favorites. 


6- Try Something New 

Summer is the perfect time for experimenting. You can try something you’ve never done before. Now I’m not suggesting you go skydiving or anything, this is about relaxation after all but perhaps knitting, yoga or ballet will help you relax.  


7- Write 

We at Her Campus UTRGV know just how relaxing writing can be especially when it’s without the pressure of a due date or assigned topic. So why not try or method of relaxing and write anything; a short poem, a creative story, a Her Campus Style article or anything else that interests you.  


8- Read 

A good book can be both entertaining and relaxing. So take a trip to the bookstore and pick up some books you’ve been wanting to read, but haven't been able to yet. Take your time to slowly read them and make sure you’re relaxing as you read.