5 Reasons to Love Pitbulls

Recently a video depicting pitbulls as a dangerous breed to society went viral on Twitter.The user who shared it was encouraging the ban of pitbulls in more US cities.  However the internet fought back with pictures of their furry friends and why we should love and protect them. 

Here are five reasons why pitbulls are just big babies:

1. They just want love and attention. A lot of pitbulls are labeled as "dangerous" because of how they have been raised. According to an article on Time Magazine's website, "Sara Enos, founder and president of the American Pit Bull Foundation, said that it’s wrong to blame dog attacks on pit bulls, because it’s the owners who are to blame." 

“It really boils down to being responsible owners,” she said. “Any dog from any breed can be aggressive, it matters how it’s treated.”

2. They adorable and playful just like puppies

3. They like to sleep and cuddle

4. They are loyal and will always try to comfort you

5. Adopting them will make them so happy and appreciative. All they'll want to do is give you kisses!


BONUS REASON 6: Mr.Worldwide shares a name with them!