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12 Times Nacho Libre Described Exactly How You’ve Felt

Nacho Libre is more than just a funny – and amazing – movie. It’s a learning experience! Nacho teaches us to follow our dreams, no matter who believes in you or who doesn’t. We can also learn some Spanish, and how to deal with everyday situations – in the smoothest way.

1. When people ask you “How’s life?”


2. And then they look at you like:


3. Those days where your confidence is as low as the deepest ocean

(Poor Esqueleto, we feel you)


4. When you try to act normal in front of bae


5. When you want to let bae feel your love


6. When your BFF asks to borrow some clothes


7. When your day doesn’t go as planned 

(Or your week, month, semester…)


8. When you’re running from your responsibilities

(And then you realize there’s no way out of them)


9. When you need motivation to go to the gym


10. When you’ve been on a diet for two hours

Because who can smell kale anyways?


11. When everyone is trying to warn you about that crush you have

(Especially your best friend, because she’s always right)


12. Aaaannnnd then your best friend, comes in clutch with that delicious elote con chile

Who can’t relate to Nacho? Let’s be honest, we can relate more than once. And FYI, Nacho Libre will be up again on Netflix this month! So grab your elotes, and a few friends to have a Nacho-party.

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