Why Demi’s “Tell Me You Love Me” Album Was Made for College Girls

I have always been a diehard Demi fan ever since “As the Bell Rings.” Sonny with a Chance was my favorite show, and I rioted when it got canceled. I followed all of her albums since they came out, so naturally, I was ecstatic when “Tell Me You Love Me” released on September 29, 2017. When I actually started listening to it, I kept getting flashbacks of freshmen year of college, or I could relate it to situations my friends are in now. So, I’m going to break down almost every song on Demi’s new album and let you relive flashbacks, too.


1. "Daddy Issues"

No, you don’t have to have daddy issues to relate to this song. You just have to have dealt with an F-boy in the past. This song is basically about Demi wanting this guy, but he only wants her for one thing and will only talk to her when he wants to. She keeps him around because he doesn’t want attachments, and she doesn’t either. Or so she says. Mmhm, Demi, we’ve all said that before.


2. "Games"

The beginning of the song starts out, “Text on ‘read’ and it ain’t no accident.” We all love when this happens. Demi played harder to get than I can confess I ever did, but it’s Demi. She writes about how this guy only texts her when he’s drunk and alone at night, but when he wakes up it’s not the same. Does that hit home for anyone else? In the second verse, she writes, “I date men, but you’re acting like a little boy.” Man, I wish I could’ve said that to all the f-boys out there.


3. "Cry Baby"

This song reminds me of when you finally think you found someone you connect with and they’re fun, you guys have “chemistry,” but then he changes. The chorus says, “I’m no cry baby, but you make me cry, lately,” because not all guys are the good ones. Sometimes, it take trials and errors to figure that out.


4. "Lonely"

This is a very explicit song for Demi: I love it. That guy that you thought was gonna work out in #3 is just going to make you feel “Lonely.” He will make you feel bad about yourself and make you realize you deserve way better.


5. "Ruin the Friendship"

Oh, I love this one, not just because it could be about a Jonas brother; this one can be so relatable. It’s hard to even quote one line from the song. “Your body’s looking good tonight, I’m thinking we should cross the line. Let’s ruin the friendship.” This might give you a flashback to not only college, but high school/middle school, too. We all have friends that are the opposite sex. Sometimes we have moments in which we want to go a little further than friends and possibly “ruin the friendship.” It’s even something Demi really wants to do. Sadly, this usually doesn’t work out for the person with feelings.


6. "Only Forever"

This song goes hand and hand with “Ruin the Friendship.” Demi wants to try and ignore her feelings. She basically says what if I find someone else? What if you take too long? “I’ll give you one more chance, but it only lasts…only forever.” I know, this happens a lot. You get so hung up on someone, especially someone you feel a connection with, that you believe you’ll love them forever. I, honestly, think you’ll always have love for someone like that in your heart.


7. "You Don’t Do it For Me Anymore"

I’m sure you’ve encountered people in your life that you realized were the fakest of fake. They might have been your best friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s what this song is hitting on. “I won’t fall for your games. So, don’t hate me when I say that you don’t do it for me anymore.” Demi is done just like you were. You probably didn’t even notice it at first, but when you do cut them out of your life, it’s the best decision.


8. "Tell Me You Love Me"

Demi has found it; a real relationship. This is not one of those songs that sugar coats everything. She begins the song with, “Oh, no, here we go again fighting over what I said. I’m sorry… I can’t say I’m innocent. Not hardly.” In a real relationship, not everything is perfect. Sometimes you say stupid things and both of you fight over it, and Demi realizes that too. She goes on to say, “I don’t know what I’m living for if I’m living without you.” Couples might fight and bicker, but at the end of the day, they want to fight for what they have.


9. "Sorry Not Sorry"

This is a big F-you to all those exes out there that “thought” they weren’t going to miss out on you. Demi is back and better/hotter than ever, and so are you. When you want to feel powerful and better than all those exes that treated you like crap, put this song on.


I know, sometimes you feel like you’re the only one that goes through trials and tribulations, but Demi Lovato is out there going through it, too.


Photo by: Angelo Kritikos at wmagazine.com