Valentine’s Day is Overrated

I want to start by saying that I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t care less if people choose to celebrate this holiday. I just think Valentine’s Day is overrated. We act like it’s special. I think society as a whole puts way too much emphasis on this one day. We act like it can heal rocky relationships. We see stores stocking shelves with overpriced merchandise that is supposed to express our love to another person. We act like it’s the only day to go eat a nice dinner and shower one another in gifts. We act like this day is the only day for love.


I think Valentine’s Day is overrated because if you’re in a relationship, you should be doing all of these special Valentine’s Day activities year round. February 14th isn’t the only day you should take your partner out to a romantic dinner or special date. You should do that periodically throughout the year. This isn’t the only day to express your love through sweets and flowers. Girls want candy and flowers on random days more than they want them on this special holiday. They mean a lot more on a random day, too. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to buy a cute card or write a loving letter to your partner. Again, this means so much more when it is unexpected. Let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how you feel about them more than once a year.


I think Valentine’s Day is overrated because it is generally only seen as a holiday for couples. This holiday is one that can be celebrated by all individuals, whether they are currently in a relationship or not. This day is also used to acknowledge friends and family. No one has to be left out, but society often makes it feel like singles are left out on this day. Celebrating with friends and family is a good way for singles or those who won’t get to be with their partner enjoy the day as well.


I think Valentine’s Day is overrated because of the expectations it places on people. Couples are expected to buy gifts for one another. Some couples expect a romantic evening or an expensive dinner. Guys think they’re expected to buy overpriced roses or other flowers that will die in less than a week. Others feel the expectation to propose because this is the holiday of love. Overall, Valentine’s Day can be stressful and expensive because of these unrealistic expectations society places on a single day. This day is about love, and that is something that no amount of money can buy. Love is free, and so is the happiness that accompanies it. While some of these Valentine’s expectations are nice and not as costly, they are not a requirement. Don’t spend all of your money just to show your love for another person. You can do that through so many other, more meaningful ways.


If you want to do some of these classic Valentine’s things, go for it! Do whatever fits in your means and makes you and your partner happy. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts or a fun night out. I’m not saying don’t do any of that. Just make sure that materialistic things aren’t the highlight of your holiday.


Valentine’s Day can be fun for many people. Just make sure you let others know you love them year round, and not just on this one holiday. You can do nice things for your partner without the expectations of a holiday. Most importantly, use this day and everyday to spread love to those around you. Let’s make our time on this earth a positive and loving time. Be the reason someone smiles a little extra this season.