Top Five Reasons You Should Adopt a Shelter Pet

Many people try to avoid adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue. They would rather spend thousands of dollars on a purebred (maybe) dog, than adopt a mutt from a shelter. Honestly, your pet will love you just as much no matter how much you pay for it. I love the phrase “ adopt a pet and save a life.” I speak from experience because I adopted my fur child and saved her from being euthanized within the next couple of days. Her eyes lit up when I went to pick her up and she has been my best friend ever since.

1. They will love and appreciate you in the hardest of times

My fur baby does a little dance every time I come home from classes. There is no doubt that I will have a happy little puppy smile greeting me at the door every time I come back home.

2. You are saving a life

Yes I am aware that some shelters and rescues do not euthanize their pets, but even if they live out their days in the shelter they aren’t really living their best life. If you adopt you are opening so many doors for your pet and yourself.

3.You are an advocate for stepping outside of the norm

Most people do not like to adopt because they are not full blooded or they may have a hard backstory, but that is not something to judge those fur babies for. So take that step outside the norm.

4. You will be helping out more than one animal

Most of the time shelters are maxed out on pets, so if you adopt you will be opening another space for a pet that maybe roaming the streets or are nearing the end of their lives.

5. You will have a one of a kind pet

Most of the time shelter pets are mix breeds. I know with my baby she looks like a mini German Shepard and everyone is just in awe because she is so small for her breed. So adopting you get to have your one of a kind fur baby.


So if you are looking into adding to your family go scan through the shelters and rescues and you may just find your unique other half.