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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTM chapter.

It is a pretty common habit that when the weekend comes, we make plans. We pack so much into one weekend after an extremely busy week, and then wonder why we’re so tired and unprepared for the next busy week. I challenge you to make more time for Saturdays that don’t involve a crazy amount of plans. There is so much that you can get accomplished if you just stay in for the day.


You can catch up on sleep.

Throughout the week, between work, school and a social life, it’s nearly impossible to get enough sleep. If you choose to stay in on a Saturday, you can sleep as long as you want. Waking up without an alarm clock is honestly one of the best feelings in the entire world. Besides, waking up not being tired for once is something we could all use for a change.


You can be prepared for school the next week.

Some semesters are harder than others. Some semesters you hardly have any homework or studying to do. Then others, you’re completely loaded down and stressed the entire semester. Having a Saturday where you don’t have to be anywhere allows you to focus solely on school. You can go ahead and get your homework done for the week. Or get a head start on that paper due. Or even go back over some notes that you did not entirely understand in class. Trust me, a lot of stress can be relieved when you go to sleep Sunday night knowing everything is already completed.


You can clean.

This one may not seem as exciting as the rest, but we all know it has to be done at some point. It is hard to clean during the week with everything else going on at once. Staying in on Saturday gives you the time to actually clean your room, bathroom and kitchen. You can even get that huge pile of clothes washed. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel much better after cleaning everything every once in a while.


You can relax.

This is the most important one. After a crazy stressful week, you can sit down and actually breathe. We all need these kind of days sometimes. Time to reflect. Time to unwind. Time to not worry or stress over anything. It makes things feel so much better afterwards.


I am an Agriculture Communications Major with a Minor in English at the University of Tennessee at Martin (Class of 2021).
I am a pre-vet major who loves to laugh (especially at myself), drink coffee, and spend time with my dog, Cora. I moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee to attend college at UTM and compete for their division 1 rifle team.