The SpongeBob Musical

Over this past weekend I, along with my mom, sister, and two nephews had the opportunity to go see Broadway’s Award-Winning Hit, The SpongeBob Musical, at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Downtown Nashville. Let me just go ahead and tell you that SpongeBob is by far my favorite cartoon and I have been watching it since the day it premiered on television. Being able to see the cartoon come to life on that stage was just amazing. Here are some of the aspects of the musical I really enjoyed.

For starters, the music was incredible. I am not entirely sure what I was expecting music wise, but the songwriters blew it out of the water! With songs like “Bikini Bottom Day, Chop to the Top, and When the Going Gets Tough” it was hard to sit still in my seat the whole time! All of the songs were fun and exciting. They were not the original songs from the television series though other than the theme song and “Best Day Ever”. There was an incredible team of very well-known songwriters including David Bowie, T. I., The Plain White T’s, Panic! At the Disco, Cyndi Lauper, Sara Bareilles, John Legend, Lady Antebellum, Steven Tyler, and more! So you can imagine with such a talented group like that of different artists, that the music was very diverse and just overall great!

The overall creativity was really neat. I really enjoyed how before the performance even began, the actors were playing music together on the stage and just having a good time. During the performance, some of the actors would come down the sides and interact with the crowd. I had never been to a Broadway musical that did that before. The actress who played Sandy even high fived my oldest nephew during the show! The setting of the stage was so cute and it changed all throughout the musical to fit the specific scenes. During one of the scenes, they used ladders to represent climbing a mountain and that was really enjoyable to watch SpongeBob and Sandy climb through and around them. The most creative aspect of the show though to me was the costumes! I wasn’t entirely sure how they were going to turn cartoon characters into just normal people at first, but they did it justice! My favorite costume by far was Squidward’s. When the actor walked, he had more legs attached to his actual legs to represent that he was an octopus and it was just too cute!

The SpongeBob Musical was really such a good and fun show. Even if you don’t like musicals or a whole bunch of singing, this is still a good one to go see. What I enjoyed the most out of the show other than seeing my favorite cartoon come to life, was how the show was for everyone. There were toddlers to elderly couples in the crowd. I truly believe everyone there of all ages had a good time. I know I did! So if you’re given the opportunity, I highly recommend going to see The SpongeBob Musical.