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When I graduated high school, I was so excited to be moving in with you. We’d been friends for a few years, and then we became best friends as time went on. We spent all of our time together, we had the same interest in shows, and we could make each other laugh like no one else.

We had a lot of differences, too. We just didn’t acknowledge those until we had to and it was too late. That’s my biggest regret.

Seeing you every day in high school and even most days over the summer was really different than living with you. We both changed a lot within that first semester – even within that first week – and we failed to address that. That change was good and inevitable, but we really grew apart quickly.

We can easily be blamed equally for what happened. We both let silence grow between us. We can both be blamed for the fact that we haven’t spoken since we grew apart.

However, with even the slightest bit of encouragement from you – and I mean maintaining eye contact for more than the minimal amount of time – I’d talk to you. I don’t care if we’re ever best friends again. I just don’t want to feel the way I feel anymore.

I lost my best friend when I came to college. Obviously, I’ve met friends that are incredible, and I’ve formed relationships so much deeper than I ever could have imagined in high school. With you here at the same school, I don’t see why we can’t communicate.

Regardless, I do hope the very best for you. I hope you are doing well. I hope you are happy. I do hope you think of me the way I think of you. I think of our fond memories and regret the way things ended.

Living through a friendship that ends for a reason you don’t understand is difficult. I’m not sure if you blame me. I hope that you don’t hold too much resentment against me, especially when I don’t even know what I did wrong.





I am a sophomore broadcast communications major and theatre minor at the University of Tennessee at Martin. When I’m not in class or participating in events on campus, I spend my time reading, doing yoga, working out, or petting my cats.
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